General Fruit Mania Tips

You can boost your chances of beating any level on fruit mania by following these tips. Check out the video below to see an example of how these hints apply to this level.

Color levels:

On color levels, build up large groups of blocks of the required color by eliminating the other colors. Work from the bottom right towards the top left, removing as many of the other colors until you have a big group to take out. This will increase the color meter quicker than taking out small groups.

Dropping babies:

Work on matching blocks below the babies that need saving. Don't waste moves on anything that isn't below a baby unless you have no other options.

Single blocks in the way:

If a single block is in the way, especially when it is the last block under a baby, work on matches to either side. This will drop a matching block to the one that's holding you up.

New babies dropping;

After a baby drops off of the board, new babies drop above the location of the next match. So plan the next move, to drop a baby where you see the easiest path to the bottom of the screen.

Wooden crates:

Work matches above wooden crates first if you can. Then work them on the sides and lastly the bottom. This gives you the best chance of removing crates before the board scrolls and leave the crate hanging.

The video below shows how to take care of this level of fruit mania.

Good luck!

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